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Instant Housecall

Instant Housecall is remote support software that lets you view and control any PC or Mac through firewalls with no configuration. Automate hundreds of repairs, brand it for your business, print remotely, and give your customers sub-accounts so they control their own PCs unattended. Instant Housecall is built for small business.



15% off the first year of any yearly plan. 

Instant Housecall has been an indispensable tool for my IT company for many years now. It’s fast, even over slow connections and works in safe mode which has been super useful for remote troubleshooting. It’s also easy for customers to install themselves or guided via phone which cuts down on a lot of mutual frustration! In over 10 years, I’ve only ever had a couple of issues and the developer worked with me hand in hand to resolve quickly. We take it for granted now that all of our customers are a few clicks away.

Anthony Sitko

London, Ontario, Clairty IT

We’ve been using Instant Housecall since 2014. We tried every remote support tool out there, and found that none of them came close to the functionality and value of Instant Housecall. File transfer to the client machine is a breeze and the unattended access is great for our MSP clients. But most importantly it is very simple for our end users to install and launch. We recently switched to the “modern app” version and it’s even better than the original. We’ve only had to contact support a couple of times and the response time was lightning fast!

Ken Pennington

Omaha, NE, Ken's PC Repair

In almost thirty years of running an IT consulting firm for small business, I’ve used many remote access tools. “Back in the day” we had PCAnywhere, and other such dialup products. They were fine for their time, but they were clunky, and getting support from Symantec (or whoever) was not easy. Even though the tools progressed over the years, they had many problems. The one I was using before I moved over to Instant Housecall five years ago was a disaster.

Instant Housecall isn’t perfect; nothing is. BUT: support is fantastic. It’s clear that Corey cares about his customers.

That’s more important than anything. The product is excellent, but more important, the owner of the company cares, and the support is terrific.Instant Housecall has made my life a lot easier, and has made remote access much easier for myself and my clients. My techs and I have, over the years been able to provide service more quickly, and more efficiently than we had with previous products. Connection speed is good, uptime is very respectable; in five years I recall only two outages, and both were short.

The subaccounts feature makes life a lot easier for several of my clients. Instant Housecall’s availability for Mac is also wonderful. But, again, more important than anything, Corey cares about his customers, and his support is wonderful. I strongly recommend Instant Housecall for its functionallty, but just as much for the man behind the product.

Dana Friedman

New York, NY, Dragonfly Technologies