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We often say at Gozynta, “all software sucks, we just try to make it suck a little less.”  Gozynta connects your systems together to make sure your stuff “gozynta” all the systems it should.

We are the creators of the widely used accounting integration Mobius Connect which gets invoices, expenses, and inventory from Manage to QuickBooks Online (or other supported accounting packages) and also syncs payments received in QuickBooks Online and reports it back to Manage. (

Our newest product, Tixt is a text to ticketing application.  Your customers can text in to create new tickets, and have an entire texting conversation that stays on the ticket, not locked to one person’s cellphone.  Respond to the customer through the ticket in Manage or from a mobile phone. Communication made easy and well documented. Plus, it only takes five minutes to set-up.  The most common phrase from our customers? “Tixt is a no-brainer.” (

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Two months free of Mobius Connect Standard for QuickBooks Online (a $180 value). 
Three months free of Tixt (a $150 value).