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Eureka Process

Are you endlessly worried about efficiency costing you money?

Discover how Business Leaders are experiencing more freedom, enjoying more growth and stepping back from cycles of fire-fighting and damage control with Eureka Process!

The team at Eureka Process are the business, process, and documentation experts that equip you with the tools you need to do more with your existing business structure. With the technical knowledge to get hands-on with the tools that are used by your front-line team, and first-hand knowledge about what it really takes to lead a thriving MSP, Eureka Process is the only resource you need to get your business to the next level.


Everyone gets a free one-hour consultation, but we will also not give you the first week of any engagement for free. Applies to Process Consulting, Virtual Teams, and Tools Administration.

Our processes and membership website, normally $49/mo, is yours through CoOpetITion Team for only $25/mo for the first year. Just use code “CoOpTeam19”.

Lastly, We’ll even throw in 0-cost travel to for EOS coaching engagements.

Thanks for the phone consult, Allen. I learned a lot and saw just how far my documentation game needs to go! Thanks for your time and patience

Nathan Maxwell

Communication Concepts, Inc.

Since engaging Eureka Process in our organization, we’ve gone from meetings that weren’t very productive, to a meeting structure that gets things done. Everyone feels heard and valued and we actually accomplish steps toward our goals that everyone can get behind. We started meeting with just the partners, but before long we found we wanted the same results across all departments. Our facilitator, Allen, still leads our leadership team, dispatch team, and finance team, and we’ve even been able to self-facilitate our own service department meetings now.

Sol Niederman

Partner, My IT Crew

Eureka Process have been instrumental in helping me improve my company’s organization, marketing message and processes. Allen’s experience in the MSP industry adds tremendous insight into how my MSP should work, bringing added value to his business coaching program. I highly recommend working with Allen if you want to improve efficiency within your organization. Thanks for all your help!

Tracy Hardin

President, Next Century Technologies